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Denison Theatre Retrospective

Denison's Theatre Department has been a staple to the Granville community since its creation in 1931.  Though even before its official first season Denison students produced a variety of performances through the Denison Dramatic Club and the Masquers (student led theatre groups) as early as 1902.  Denison's Theatre Department held Children's Theatre performances, Summer Theatre programs and even had a small traveling student theatre group.  Denison has produced remarkable actors and actresses such as Ruby Holbrook, Hal Holbrook, Jennifer Garner, Steve Carell, Ann Magnuson and more.  Denison's Department of Theatre continues to produce productions that energize and engage students, and the larger Denison community with productions that provoke thought, entertain and thrill audiences.

Early Women Students' Scrapbooks

Blonda p 16.jpg

In the Spring 2017 semester, 18 students from the class "Haunted Women" visited the Denison Archives to learn about primary sources, Denison history, and explore some of the pioneering female students who were the first to graduate from Denison University after it became coeducational in 1900.

The students worked in groups to analyze a student scrapbook from the early 1900s, write a biography about the student, and select photographs for physical and digital exhibit.

The result of this class project is this very exhibit. Please explore the links to the right to learn more about some of the early female students who graduated from Denison University.

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Medieval Manuscripts

ACC Ege28 recto.jpg

In 2016, the University Archives & Special Collections digitized many of our medieval, handwritten pages that had been separated from their books. In cooperation with another Denison digital collection restoring Otto Ege manuscripts, we present this collection of 72 medieval manuscript leaves for you to browse.  


The Artist's Book Collection

Front cover of the book Conceptually Bound 3: An Exhibition of Artists' Books, standing up<br />

The Denison Library Archives & Special Collections has an extensive and growing collection of Artist's Books. Here, you can search through this collection by the academic division that these were divided into.

Understanding and defining Artist's Books is not an easy task. Weeding out the non-Artist's Books relied on being able to define what exactly an Artist's Book is. Under The "Helpful Links!" page you'll find the videos and websites that were used in the creation of this exhibit.