I Am Taking My Time Making Something

front cover of the artists book I Am Taking My Time Making Something
z-fold from the artists book I Am Taking My Time Making Something


I Am Taking My Time Making Something


English, Creative Writing


"""Making paper from natural plant fibers is a laborious, yet extremely satisfying endeavor. Kozo - the inner bark of the mulberry tree, and abaca - a plant native to the Philippines, yield long and luxurious fibers. The papermaker must cook the plant stalks or tree limbs in order to strip off their outer barks to reach the inner bark. These fibers are in turn cooked again, then hand-macerated with a long pallet until the fibers are silky. This labor-intensive fiber preparation makes for a superior and unique sheet of paper. “The cover sheets for I Am Taking My Time Making Something were formed from fibers prepared in this way. Each sheet was double-dipped: the natural abaca was dipped first, and the indigo-dyed kozo second, creating a single sheet with two unique layers. The dried sheets were then cut in half with a paper knife. One half was used for the front cover - the other half for the back cover. “My creative process needs uninterrupted time and space to unfold. The generous white space on the text pages is intended as a symbol of this. The poem addresses small everyday occurrences that may either accentuate or hinder the creative process. The cliff-dwelling frontispiece photography alludes to the solitude and space needed to sustain artistic efforts."" http://www.vampandtramp.com/finepress/b/bloodroot-press.html (accessed 9/13/15)"


Buescher, Jean


Bloodroot Press




Scope and images from Vamp and Tramp http://www.vampandtramp.com/finepress/b/bloodroot-press.html


"[4] pages: illustrated; 23 cm. Poem and handmade abaca & indigo-dyed kozo cover paper by Jean Buescher Bartlett. Printed from metal engravings of computer-generated Eve type on Ragston paper. New Mexican rock wall inlaid frontispiece silver print by Tom Finke. Accordion fold text. ""One hundred copies were printed and handmade paper covers were formed at Pyramid Atlantic."" Pages folded from 1 continuous strip; board covers.

Denison's copy is signed by photographer and is number 23 of 100."





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DEN Spec Coll N7433.4.B84 .I23 1993

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Buescher, Jean, “I Am Taking My Time Making Something,” Digital Exhibits | Denison University Archives & Special Collections, accessed July 13, 2024, https://exhibits.denisonarchives.org/items/show/100.