Richard Mahard in World War II

This exhibit is the final product of a 2018 summer research project undertaken by Ben Bowers class of 2020. Ben is a Geoscience major with a Narrative Journalism concentration who was given the perfect opportunity to combine these two interests. After combing through boxes upon boxes in the attic of Olin Science Hall and researching at the Univeristy Archives and the Granville Historical Society, Ben pieced together a rather unique set of circumstances.

Picture this, it's early 1945. World War II is still raging in Europe and the Pacific. The draft boards are scrambling to find more men to enlist. Among them, a young Denison professor named Richard Mahard has his number called and must report to serve his country. For the next 14 months, Mahard will travel in excess of 20,000 miles, write hundreds of letters home, and get an inside look at Army life in the closing months of the war as well as the beginning of post-war life.

The intent of this exhibit is to bring to light this diversion in Prof. Mahard's otherwise nearly continual employment by Denison University for 40 years. Through his words, the story of a young Geology professor's journey of a lifetime may be experienced by all through this exhibit.

- Exhibit created by Ben Bowers, '20