Invented Landscape

front cover of the artists book Invented Landscape
intricate z-fold of the artists book Invented Landscape


Invented Landscape


Studio Arts, Creative Writing


Artist's statement: "The initial idea for this book came out of my participation in The Fourth International Biennale for the Artists' Book hosted by The Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt in the spring of 2010. The assigned theme of nomadism led me to do much research and reflecting on the steady decline of the grasslands of Central Asia and Mongolia, and the disappearance of nomadic pastoralism in those parts of the world. In 2010, Mongolia experienced one of the harshest winters in a decade causing catastrophic losses of herds that may force many nomadic families to abandon their traditional way of life." --Colophon.


Chen, Julie


Flying Fish Press




"1 v. (unpaged) in case: ill.; 24 x 13 x 5 cm. Invented Landscape was written, designed, and produced by Julie Chen with assistance from Alan Hillisheim, Kiala Givehand, and Luz Mariana Ruiz.--Colophon. Limited edition of 50 copies. ""[C]reated using a combination of letterpress printing and monoprinting. The physical format of the book is a variation on a structure originally designed by Hedi Kyle.""--Colophon. Central panels float and turn as the book is manipulated showing an image on one side and text on the reverse. When standing and open, the image shows a continuous landscape. Accordion support printed in magnified grass image symbolizing "" ... a time when much of the earth was covered with grass for as far as the eye could see from horizon to horizon an endless expanse of green under an immensity of sky."" Housed in two-flap portfolio cloth-covered box (25 x 14 x 6 cm); magnet closure.

Denison's copy is no. 24 of 50."





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DEN Spec Coll N7433.4.C494 .I5835 2010

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