Invocation to the Water Spirits

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Invocation to the Water Spirits


Studio Arts


"Miniature book. Title from last page. Book is signed ""Catherine Alice"", but web site states this book is by ""Catherine Michaelis"" (viewed April 5, 2006). The directions sheet and web site call this type of book a ""flexagon"". It is constructed from several sheets of colored paper, parts of which are glued together and parts of which are cut into slits forming a 2-sided piece. The ""pages"" are changed by folding the piece back from the center on fold lines and passing parts through the slits thus creating an newly shaped and visible ""page"". There are 4 different pages created by this folding method with different illustrations and text on each. The final page change returns the piece back to the ""page"" it begins with. The book and directions sheet are housed in a white paper envelope 17 x 17 cmWeb site includes a description and illustrations of this piece.

Another lovely piece from May Day Press evoking Michaelis' Native American heritage. The entry into the flexagon structure is a background of blue water with a call to the Mother of the Waters floating across the page to Encircle us."" And, the flexagon structure does come round to encircle the message""--From web site (viewed April 5, 2006)"


Michaelis, Catherine


May Day Press




"[4] pages: col.; 16 x 16 cm. + 1 sheet of directions for using book.

Book is signed and annotated ""67/175"". Web site states: ""Edition of 150"" (viewed April 5, 2006)"





Location and Call Number

DEN Spec Coll N7433.4. M53 .I58 2005



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