Professor Frank J. Wright

Wright and Mahard 1942

Prof. Frank J. Wirght (left) and Prof. Richard Mahard (right) in the 1942 Adytum. Presumably, they are in a classroom in Barney Science Hall.

Professor Frank J. Wright was the chair and sole professor of the Geology & Geography Department after replacing Kirtley Mather in 1925. Professor Wright had attempted to bring on a second professor twice, but both resulted in short stays due to a lack of funds brought on by the Great Depression. Richard Mahard was the third and final attempt by Professor Wright to grow the Geology & Geography Department, being hired in 1941. Among Mahard's duties, he taught map reading and meteorology to cadets. Professor Wright had hoped to go on sabbatical. However, Professor Wright's plans were put on hold. Richard Mahard was drafted in early 1945. Professor Wright was the sole professor of the Geology & Geography Department once again. Professor Wright worked to help bring his friend and colleague back to the University. His work paid off for the fall semester of 1946, when Mahard was able to return after being discharged from the Army.