Building Timeline

1831: Granville Literary and Theological Institution is founded.


1845: Name officially changed to Granville College, although the name had appeared unofficially before this time.


1853: Board of Trustees votes to rename the institution to Denison University, honoring the agreement with William S. Denison to buy the naming rights for $10,000. The name would not become official until 1856.


1854: Denison’s Board of Trustees decides to move from the farm site roughly 1 mile outside of Granville onto the hill inside the village, where it stands today.


1858: Clarence Luther Herrick born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


1868: Charles Judson Herrick born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


1887: Preparatory Department spun off to form the Granville Academy.


1894: Barney Memorial Science Hall and Doane Academy Building constructed. Granville Academy renamed Doane Academy.


1904: C.L. Herrick dies in New Mexico.


1905: Barney Science Hall gutted by fire.


1909: Swasey Observatory constructed.


1924: Swasey Chapel constructed.


1927: Doane Academy closed.


1929: Whisler Hospital constructed.


1933: Games Slayter applies for a patent relating to the production of glass wool (AKA fiberglas).


1941: Life Science Building constructed.


1945: Leroy “Ace” Morgan killed overseas while serving in World War II.


1956: Theatre Arts Building and Ace Morgan Studio Theatre constructed.


1960: C. Judson Herrick dies.


1962: Slayter Student Union constructed.


1964: Games Slayter dies.


1967: Herrick Hall constructed.


1994: F.W. Olin Science Hall constructed.


1999: Barney Hall renovation completed and renamed Barney-Davis Hall.